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Setting Goals or “Kick the Can”

My cute hubby and I spend each New Year’s Day at the Four Seasons, accompanied by some good Champagne and an old black journal we’ve been sharing for about ten years now.

Each year, we look back at our previous goals and have a good laugh and toast to resolutions – it’s the making and sharing of them that matters more than the fulfillment at times. In the food, wine and healthy living categories, we’ve got a few noble goals that I think are worth sharing:

1) Kick the Can. My love affair with Diet Coke is a tawdry one that began when I was just a teenager scooping ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s on the Jersey Shore. It seemed smarter to drink some soda than indulge in Cherry Garcia and I developed a love for DC that’s stayed with me throw through all my romantic travails. No more!

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